Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Curriculum provided in ALL classrooms. Mother Goose Time has a preschool curriculum and a toddler curriculum. Both curriculums are designed with the idea that children learn best through play. Using a research-based approach to learning, the curriculum aligns with the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) to ensure The Early Learning Academy is providing the most well-rounded education possible! The five domains of the GELDS which are covered daily within the curriculum include physical development and motor skills, social and emotional development, approaches to play and learning, communication, language and literacy, cognitive development and general knowledge. The curriculum combines the roles of the child’s family, their environment, and the teacher’s link to a child’s natural curiosity of learning. WIth monthly newsletters and daily activity cards, The Early Learning Academy strives to ensure families are kept updated and involved in their child’s education. Mother Goose Time is a theme-based curriculum that covers various fun themes such as Pond Life, Treasure Island, Bugs and Crawly Things and so much more. Join us on our journey to see what creative, fun, and new things your child can learn next month!